Marketing Plans

Why do you need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is vital to the success of any business as it forms the blueprint of how you will communicate with your target market, attract sales, increase revenue and grow.

Across The Verge Website Redesign

Across The Verge has been evolving to offer more varied and tailored services to our clients and in-line with these changes we’ve redesigned our website. It’s more dynamic, easy to navigate, packed full of useful information and links and integrated with social media. While it still retains the same look and feel as the original flash site, the new site is html-based and has a content management system which means

Marketing Tips on Facebook

Marketing Tips ImageHave you checked out our Facebook page? Our daily tips have been designed to inspire you to think about the different facets of marketing and how they can be used to drive your business. Each week we pick a different topic from online advertising, to offer strategy, event marketing or PR. Topics are announced on Monday morning and followed by 5 relevant daily posts.